Outdoor sunshade products


6M Super Wide
Zipper Track Blind

Can achieve a maximum width of 6m, suitable for the widest range of scenarios;
There are two products to choose from: electric and manual crank coperation. Of course, if the width and height exceed 4m, we recommend choosing electric;
The motor can choose a regular version or be upgraded to a rebound motor when encountering resistance;
Suitable for scenarios such as pergola, exterior windows, corridors, and any other 6-meter requirement.

Square shell style
windproof roller blind

Suitable for some ordinary outdoor scenes, the square appearance is popular among customers;
There are two options available: electric and spring systems. The product is suitable for scenarios with a width of less than 4.5m;
The spring system can stop or move in any position, and the motor can be upgraded to a rebound motor when encountering resistance;
Suitable for scenarios: Pergola, exterior windows, corridors, and any other 4.5m requirement scenario.

Budget outdoor roller blind

Cost-effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, cost-effectiveness;
Suitable for the vast majority of outdoor scenes, with a width of 5m.
Enhanced outdoor functionality, when the blinds are unfolded, the cabinet can be fixed through a floor lock, or steel wire rope guide rails can be optionally installed;
This product does not come with a headbox, so it is recommended to place it in a covered area during installation.

Steel-Wire Guilding Blind

The steel wire rope roller shutter provides better shielding performance;
Electric remote control, with a maximum width of 5m.
Installation is very simple and has a high fault tolerance rate.

Indoor shading products


Double Iayered roller blind

Indoor lighting is relatively dark, and semi shading can be switched. Outdoor sunlight is too harsh, and full shading fabrics can be switched;
A roller blind with two fabric switching options;
Electric remote control
Both internal and external decorations are available, with a width of up to 3.5m.

outdoor space



A durable outdoor aluminum pergola with an opening and closing angle of up to 140 °, capable of receiving more sunlight and air;
There are two products available for electric remote control operation and manual crank operation. The recommended max louver width is 4.5m.
The maximum length can be 6 meters, but if your area often experiences heavy rain, it is recommended that the width of a single pergola does not exceed 5 meters;
For specific other questions, please consult our sales engineer.


The top has a membrane fabric that can be retractable, and the fabric is UV resistant and 100% rainproof.
Electric remote control operation.
A single size can be 4 meters wide and 6 meters length, and if your space is large, you can splice multiple structures;
For specific other questions, please consult our sales engineer.